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Hole 1 Arthur Shevill
Hole 1 Ken Hornsby
Hole 2 Jim Gallagher
Hole 3 Gino Russo
Hole 3 Suzanne McMillan
Hole 4 David McKeran
Hole 5 Crown
Hole 6 John Gallogley
Hole 8 Simon McLean
Hole 8 &10 Frank Rodgers
Hole 9 Belhaven
Hole 10 Alan Gillespie
Hole 11 Jim Robertson
Hole 12 Ian Bridges
Hole 14 Scott Rae
Hole 16 Joe Kyle
Hole 17 Specsavers
Hole 18 Willie Ferguson
Hole 18 Bobby Pettigrew

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Course Status
Currently open
28.11.2021 07:05
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COURSE CLOSED DUE TO SNOW . PLEASE BE AWARE COURSE WET AND SLIPPERY IN PLACES. BUGGEYS OFF. From Monday 25 October 2021 members must either use mats on the fairway or play their ball from beyond the first cut in the rough. White lines around the greens indicate players should not take their trolley beyond that point and we're playing from Winter Tees from Monday.25th The work of bunker reshaping, as part of the Winter Programme, will also start next week and this is expected to be ongoing for a number of weeks. Members are asked to follow all on course directions for their own safety.