Hole 1

Par 4 | 279 Yards | SI 11 A straightforward short par 4 to begin with. Most players hit a long iron or rescue club rather than driver which can leave you an awkward half shot to the elevated green. Whichever you choose you must avoid going right. There is more than enough space to the left and as long as your second shot misses the devilish bunker to the left of the green, you should be off to a solid start.

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Hole 2

Par 4 | 437 Yards | SI 3 A long, testing par 4 with a left-to-right dog leg that favours a drive down the left hand side. Be careful to avoid the strategically placed bunker at the start of the dog-leg on the left of the fairway. Anything too far right is blocked out by the trees and effectively turns the hole into a par 5. The second shot is sharply downhill and plays significantly shorter than its yardage. Bunkers left and right offer a narrow entrance to the green.

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Hole 3

Par 4 | 319 Yards | SI 15 An uphill par 4 that rewards a straight drive. Too far right and you can be in the trees, or at best blocked out. Too far left and you can bring the two fairway bunkers into play. The second shot is generally a short iron, but often plays longer than its yardage

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Hole 4

Par 3 | 130 Yards | SI 17 The first of four par 3's is a little gem and can be both a birdie opportunity or a card wrecker. A short iron from an elevated tee needs to avoid the cluster of bunkers surrounding the green. Make sure you take enough club to clear both the trees and water that guard the front of the putting surface.

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Hole 5

Par 4 | 383 Yards | SI 1 The infamous "Dandy Hill" is stroke index 1 for a reason. A long drive is required to get into pole position on the elevated fairway. Anything right is in trouble and risks flirting with the out-of-bounds. Catch your breath and compose yourself for your second shot. All but the longest hitters will need a long iron or fairway metal for their approach to the bunkerless green.

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Hole 6

Par 4 | 382 Yards | SI 7 Are you brave enough to cut the corner on this dog leg par 4? If you are you will need plenty of elevation and distance to carry the trees. It is probably a risk too far for most golfers who will opt for the safety of a drive to the apex of the corner leaving a mid-iron or rescue club to the green. Whatever you do off the tee, don't go right unless you have the distance to clear the danger.

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Hole 7

Par 4 | 364 Yards | SI 5 One of the toughest driving holes on the golf course. A right-to-left dog leg that rewards a tight line, but has out of bounds waiting to swallow anything too far left or the block right. Some golfers play safe and place a utility or long iron in the middle of the fairway - but this leaves a challenging second shot to a well guarded narrow green

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Hole 8

Par 3 | 187 Yards | SI 13 The second of our par 3's. Don't be deceived by the yardage on the card you need every bit of carry to hit the elevated green, anything short risks hitting the bank and rolling back or worse still, kicking into the treacherous bunker short right. The green slopes sharply from back-to-front so avoid getting above the hole if possible. 3-putts are not uncommon.

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Hole 9

Par 5 | 478 Yards | SI 9 The only par 5 on the course requires a long straight drive though a narrow corridor of trees, with out of bounds all the way down the right. Not one for the fainthearted, particularly when the wind is blowing. After you negotiate the tee shot you have a decision to make - lay up short of the ditch or take on the carry and attack the narrow green? The reality is that all but the big hitters usually opt for the safe route and leave a short iron approach for their 3rd.

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Hole 10

Par 4 | 335 Yards | SI 10 A gentle right-to-left dog leg par 4. The strategically placed bunker to the left of the fairway catches lots of golfers who try to cut off too much of the corner. Get the drive right and you will be left with a short iron to the putting surface. Whatever you do, avoid missing on the left as you will be left with no way of stopping the ball on the sloping green

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Hole 11

Par 3 | 162 Yards | SI 14 Our third par 3 whose difficulty is very much dependant on the prevailing wind. Don't be fooled if you can't feel the wind on the tee, once the ball gets above the tree line it will be affected. The natural contours gather the tee shots from the right, but don't go too far right or bunkers await.

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Hole 12

Par 4 | 274 Yards | SI 8 Another big decision beckons - do you lay up short of the ditch with a mid-iron or take driver and get as close to the green as possible? Out of bounds in the trees left usually dissuade all but the brave from taking driver, but that leaves a tricky uphill approach shot to a green guarded by two nasty bunkers. Hit the green in two and you have a decent birdie opportunity.

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Hole 13

Par 4 | 422 Yards | SI 2 A really tough, long par 4 which requires two big hits to reach the putting surface. The best approach to the green comes from the left half of the fairway. The longer the drive the better. The second shot is all carry to an elevated green and most golfers will be hitting fairway woods and still end up in the gully short of the putting surface. You must also be very wary of leaking your approach shot to the right as many a ball has been lost in this copse of trees.

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Hole 14

Par 4 | 308 Yards | SI 18 A real risk-and-reward short par 4. Will you play safe and knock the ball gently down the middle and leave yourself around 100 yards to the green? Or will you open your shoulders and smash a driver over the woods straight onto the dance floor? Many have tried, few have succeeded. The 14th is the first of back-to-back birdie opportunities.

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Hole 15

Par 4 | 293 Yards | SI 16 A straight-ahead, slightly uphill short par 4 that offers another great opportunity to improve your score Avoid the bunker on the left and the cluster of silver birch trees on the right and what remains is a straightforward pitch onto a green that slopes sharply from back to front. Be aware that your second shot is slightly uphill and always plays longer than you think. The last real birdie opportunity of the round.

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Hole 16

Par 4 | 387 Yards | SI 6 Another dog leg, this time from left to right. A long drive favouring the left hand side of the fairway is required. Anything right completely blocks out the second shot. Depending how far left you go you could be left with anything from a short/mid iron to a wood for your approach shot. Anything coming up short risks kicking away to the right, anything long and left will bounce sharply left off the banking and leave a tricky up-and-down. A tough par 4.

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Hole 17

Par 4 | 408 Yards | SI 4 Probably the finest driving hole on the course, certainly one of the most inviting. From an elevated tee the brave or stupid will take on the gentle dogleg over the trees and leave a shortish iron to the green. The more circumspect will aim left and hope to fade the ball back to the middle of the fairway. You will be left with a long iron or wood for your second shot into a narrow green with the contours forcing the ball to the right towards out of bounds.

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Hole 18

Par 3 | 224 Yards | SI 12 The final par 3 plays more like a tricky par 4 for most golfers. At over 220 yards, straight uphill, it is out of reach for a significant number of golfers. Those who can make the carry are faced with the narrowest of entrances to a putting surface guarded by numerous bunkers and a wildly back-to-front sloping green, many golfers have putted off the green. A 3 feels like a birdie a 4 feels like a blessed relief.

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