AGC Constitution

AGC Constitution

Airdrie Golf Club
Constitution, Rules and Bye-Laws

Revised 2011 and Reprinted 2012
Updated following AGM 9th Feb 2018

I - Name of Club
II - Membership of Club
Honorary Members
Ordinary Members
Temporary Members
III - Juniors
IV - Finance and Subscriptions
V - Resignation of Members
VI - Suspension and Expulsion of Members
VII - Office-Bearers
VIII - Auditors
IX - Vacancies in Committee
X - Powers of Committee
XI - Meetings of Club and Committee
XII - Secretary’s Duties
XIII - Treasurer’s Duties
XIV - Monies
XV - Annual General Meeting
XVI - Annual Balance Sheet
XVII - Patrons, etc.
XVIII - Special Meetings
XIX - Property
XX - Borrowing Powers
XXI - Assessment of Members
XXII - Introduction of Visitors
XXIII - Restriction on Sale of Liquors
XXIV - Rules of the Green
XXV - Compliance with Rules, etc.
XXVI - List of Club Members, etc.
XXVII - Complaints, etc.
XVII - Alteration of Constitution, etc.
XXIX - Alteration of Bye-Laws, etc.


I - General
II - For Play
III - Management of the Clubhouse
IV - Alteration of Bye-Laws

1. The Club shall be called “THE AIRDRIE GOLF CLUB”. The main purposes of the club are to provide facilities for and to promote participation in the amateur sport of golf in Airdrie.

2. . Membership of the club shall be open to anyone interested in the sport on application, regardless of sex, age, disability, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, religion or other beliefs, except as a necessary consequence of the requirements of golf. The club may have different classes of membership on a non-discriminatory and fair basis. The club will keep subscriptions at levels that will not pose a significant obstacle to those participating. .
The membership shall consist of Ordinary, Honorary, Rule 20a, Rule 20b, Rule 20c, Rule 20d, Rule 20e, Rule 20f, Rule 20g, Rule 20h, Rule 20i, Rule 20j and Rule 21 members. The Ordinary Membership shall not exceed 435, but this number may be altered from time to time under such conditions as the Club shall in General Meeting decide. The admission of Junior Members in the year of entry to Ordinary Membership shall not be subject to the regulations limiting the number of members.
(a) Honorary Members
3. Individual members who have attained 50 years membership, or who, in the opinion of the members have given outstanding service to the Club may be admitted as Honorary Members either (1) playing or (2) non-playing by the members in General Meeting assembled. Honorary members will not be entitled to vote on annual subscriptions to be imposed on subscription paying members.

(b) Ordinary Members
4. Any person of 18 years and upwards may be admitted as an Ordinary Member after application on a form prescribed by the Committee. Every application will be accompanied by a Registration fee of £10, such fee to be credited toward the annual subscription only if the application is successful. Every application shall be lodged with the Secretary.
NOTE:- The word Member is held to mean Ordinary, Honorary, Rule 20a-d, Rule 20g (1) -j and Rule 21, unless otherwise stated.
5. Deleted at EGM on 5th September 2016
6. Each application for membership which is in order shall be submitted by the Secretary to a quorum of the Committee in early course.
7. The Club Committee may refuse membership only for good cause such as conduct or character likely to bring the club or sport Into disrepute. Appeal against refusal may be made to the members.
8. No person who has been refused admission to the membership shall be eligible for submission of new application until after the lapse of one year.
9. Vacancies in the membership shall be filled up by the Committee according to the priority of approved applications, except that in any year the Committee may, in their discretion, admit to membership not more than two applicants who have special qualifications.
10. Persons admitted to membership shall forthwith be notified of their admission by the Secretary, and be supplied with a copy of the Constitution, Rules, Regulations and Bye-Laws of the Club.
Note: At the AGM on 13th February 2015, clauses 11 to 14 relating to entrance fees were deleted.

(c) Temporary Members
15. Any person over 18 years of age, who is desirous of being admitted as a temporary member for a period of not less than a week, may make application to the secretary by entering his name and address in a register kept for the purpose, and stating the period of temporary membership desired. Acceptance of the application is at the discretion of the Committee. On payment to the Club Treasurer of the sum payable according to the scale of charges in force for the time being, such person may be admitted as a temporary member for a period not exceeding six months, and such a person shall receive a ticket of admission entitling him to use the Clubhouse and the course under such conditions, if any, as the Committee may determine; but it shall not entitle that person to introduce anyone either to the Clubhouse or the course, or to have a voice in the management of the Club or to compete in Club
Competitions, or to have the right or interest in the property or funds of the Club. The Committee shall have the power to regulate the number of such members and to frame and revise the scale of charges for such members. Visitors may be admitted by ticket to the privileges of the course on payment of the appropriate fee current at the time to the Club Professional.
16. No person whose permanent residence is within four miles of the Clubhouse shall be eligible for admission as a temporary member.
17. The Committee may admit as temporary members, with or without payment, members of any other Golf Club or Association for the purpose of engaging in a match competition or friendly game.

18. A Junior Section shall consist of juniors up to the age of seventeen years inclusive on payment of the Subscription for Juniors as fixed from time to time by the members. For application to the Junior Section the minimum age shall be eight years. In the event of a Junior applicant not having been accepted to Junior Membership by the age of eighteen years such applicant shall have no right to be admitted to Senior membership without further application. Members of the Junior Section shall have the use of the Clubhouse and course at such times and under such conditions as may be fixed by the committee. Persons admitted as Junior members shall not be regarded as members of the Club. They shall have no voice in the business or affairs thereof nor any claim on the property of the Club. Should a member of the Junior Section who has reached the age of seventeen years complete wish to be admitted as a member, he/she may be admitted by the Committee upon payment of the Annual subscription in force at the time less the subscription paid by that Junior member for the year then current.

19. The financial year of the Club shall commence on 1st November. In all other respects the club year will commence on the date of the AGM
20. The Annual Subscription shall be such sum as may be fixed at the Annual General Meeting and shall be payable by 1st April and in the case of new members at the date of admission. Persons admitted after the 30th April each year may have their annual fee for the first year reduced by one twelfth for each complete month prior to entry, rounded up to the nearest ten pounds. Annual Subscriptions paid after 1st April may be subject to a 10% surcharge for late payment.
20a. A member who has been in continuous membership for not less than 25 years and who has attained the age of 65 may make application to the Committee for admission as a Rule 20a member. Persons admitted as such will require to pay only a restricted Annual Subscription. Admission under this Rule shall be at discretion of the Committee who inter alia have regard to:
(a) The amount of golf an applicant may be expected to play, and
(b) Whether an applicant has retired from full time employment or business.
Persons admitted under this Rule may subsequently be admitted under Rule 20b or may be required by the Committee to revert to Ordinary membership. In the event of an application under this Rule being refused, at least one year must elapse before a further application may be made.
The Annual General Meeting held in the clubhouse on 12th February 2016 agreed that no further additions to membership in this category be accepted from that date and that an increase £50 per annum should be added to the subscription for Rule 20a members until the total reaches 75% of the annual subscription that then applies to ordinary members.
20b. A member who for health or other reasons, decides to opt out of playing golf may make application to the Committee for admission as a “Rule 20b member”. Persons admitted as such will require to pay only a restricted Annual Subscription, equivalent to one sixth of the Annual Subscription then current. Admission under this Rule shall be at the discretion of the Committee. Persons admitted under this Rule may subsequently be admitted under Rule 20i or may be required by the Committee to revert to Ordinary membership.
20c. A Junior member graduating to Ordinary membership shall become a Rule 20c member and shall remain such until he or she attains the age of 30 years whereupon he or she will become an Ordinary member. Persons admitted as Rule 20c members will require to pay only a restricted Annual Subscription. The criteria are as follows:- (In addition this category is available to any person (previous member or otherwise) between the ages 18 and 30)

18 to 21 - 50% of the Ordinary subscription then current
22 - 60% of the Ordinary subscription then current
23 - 70% of the Ordinary subscription then current
24 - 80% of the Ordinary subscription then current
25 to 30- 90% of the Ordinary subscription then current

20d. A member who has been in continuous membership for not less than 35 years may make application to the Committee for admission as a Rule 20d member. Persons admitted as such will require to pay only a restricted Annual Subscription.
The Annual General Meeting held in the clubhouse on 12th February 2016 agreed that no further members be accepted In this category from that date and an increase of £50 per annum should be added to the subscription for Rule 20d members until the total reaches 75% of the annual subscription that then applies to ordinary members.
20e.A prospective member may be offered a temporary restricted membership until such time as a an ordinary vacancy occurs. This membership Is offered on the basis of 5 days being Monday to Friday with access to the course being restricted to play between 10.00 and 16.00 hours. This category of membership has no voting rights in the administration of the club's affairs. The annual subscription Is equivalent to one half of the ordinary subscription then current.
20f. This is a Social Membership open to spouses, family members and friends.
This category Is available on application at a cost of £30.00 per annum or other such sum as fixed by the Committee.
20g. This is a 3 Day Restricted Membership for play only on Monday. Tuesday & Thursday.
This category of membership has no say in the running of the club and therefore has no voting rights and cannot attend AGM or any special meetings. The Fee for this category will be determined on an annual basis.
20g(1). This category has playing rights as for 20g with extended playing rights to Include Sundays after 2pm April to September and after 12pm October to March. The annual subscription will be £400 or such other sum as decided at a general meeting. These members have voting rights.
20h. Members who for health reasons are unable to play a full round may apply to the committee to join this category. Acceptance will be at the discretion of the committee who will advise each applicant of the restrictions imposed on this class of membership. The annual fee will be set as £250 or such other sum as agreed at an AGM.
20i. Members with a minimum age of 65 and 30 years membership may apply for this category. If such application is approved the subscription payable will be 75% of that which applies to ordinary members.
20j. Members who have reached the age of 75 years on or before the AGM and have completed 30 years service by that date will be eligible to pay a reduced membership fee of £425.
21. A member who is resident outwith 50 miles from the Clubhouse during the whole of the year may have his/her Subscription commuted by the Committee to 25% thereof, provided he/she intimates in writing to the Secretary before the Annual General Meeting.
22. A member in arrears with his/her subscription on 1st April shall forthwith be notified by the Treasurer and in the event of his/her failing to make payment by 15th April the Committee may remove his/her name from the membership roll.
Such person whose name is so removed shall still remain liable for his/her Subscription for the year, and may be reinstated by the Committee on cause shown and on payment of arrears. Arrears of Subscription shall be considered a debt due to the Club and the Treasurer for the time being shall be entitled on behalf of the Club to sue for such arrears.
23. No member shall be entitled to be present after the 1st April in any year, at any General Meeting (including Special Meeting) or compete for any prize, or take part in any competition, until all arrears due are paid.
24. Any member changing address must intimate the change in writing to the Secretary without delay, failing which notice to the former address shall be held as good notice, until intimation of the change is given.

25. A member wishing to resign shall intimate his resignation IN WRITING to the Secretary. Unless such intimation is received by the Secretary prior to the Annual General Meeting, such member shall be deemed to be a member for the year following such Annual Meeting, and be liable for the Annual Subscription and a share of the Club’s obligations.

26. The Committee shall have power on a vote by ballot, by a majority of its entire number, to suspend, expel or otherwise discipline (including making interim orders), a member of any class whose conduct appears to them to endanger the character, interests, or good order of the Club, or who acts in defiance of its Rules and Bye-laws. The member will have the right of appeal within seven days of the receipt of notification of the decision by recorded delivery mail, to a panel of 3 past captains who acting independently will hear and review the decision of the committee and who can substitute their own decision for that of the committee. The member or committee may appeal that decision to a general meeting of the club called in the usual manner. A majority at such general meeting is required to overturn the decision of the panel of past captains.
27. The Club shall (subject to the direction of the members in General Meeting assembled) be managed by the Committee consisting of a Captain, Vice-Captain, Secretary, Treasurer, Past Captain and six other persons. No Office-Bearer shall be a Relative, Business Partner or person acting under the direction of anyone associated with the Club who receives emoluments based on the turnover of any aspect of Club activity. The said restrictions shall apply equally to members of the Committee.
The committee may co-opt additional members as necessary.
28. The Captain and Vice-Captain shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting and shall hold office for one year but may be elected for a further year (the Vice-Captain on retiring may be elected Captain).
29. The Secretary and Treasurer shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting, and may be re-elected.
30. The members of Committee other than the Captain, Vice-Captain, Past Captain, Secretary and Treasurer shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting for a term of three years. The names of the Ordinary members of Committee shall be placed on a list in the order of election, and the two members whose names stand first and second on the list shall annually retire but can be proposed for re-election at a General Meeting.
30a. Nominations for Committee, proposed and seconded, to fill pending vacancies, shall be made by members in writing to the Secretary not later than 1st January. The Secretary shall post same in the Clubhouse and shall embody them in the Annual Report. Failing sufficient nominations under this Rule, those nominated shall be declared elected; further nominations may be made at the meeting for the remaining vacancy or vacancies, and same shall be declared elected if necessary.

31. The Annual General Meeting shall appoint a professional firm of accountants to audit the financial statements. Any such firm may be re-appointed.

32. Vacancies occurring during the financial year in the Captaincy, Vice-Captaincy, Secretaryship and Treasurership, or in any other membership of the Committee, or in the Auditorship may be filled by the Committee. The persons elected to such vacancies shall hold office until the expiry of the year current at their election and, if otherwise competent, be eligible for re-election in lieu of the persons whose places are thus taken.
33. If a member of Committee fails to attend four consecutive meetings of Committee, his/her place may, at the discretion of the Committee, be declared vacant, and such vacancy may be filled in terms of Rule 32.

34. The Committee shall have all powers necessary for the full and efficient conduct of the affairs of the Club, and all Regulations and Bye-laws made by, or orders given by, the Committee, shall be binding on every member until set aside by a General Meeting. The Committee, however, shall not cause any material alteration to be made to the course, premises or surrounding woodland, until a plan of the same shall have been submitted to the members and approved by them at a General or Special Meeting of the Club.
The Committee shall appoint a Greens’ Sub-Committee and such other Sub-Committees as they may think necessary with or without full powers to act, but subject always to the limitation above in regard to material alterations to the course, premises or woodland, and may appoint to any Sub-Committee other members of the Club for any special purpose. The Captain, Secretary and Treasurer shall be Ex Officio members of all Sub-Committees.

35. The Committee shall meet at least once every month for the dispatch of competent business. The Committee may dispense with a meeting in July.
The meetings of Committee may be called (a) by the Captain or (b) a majority of the Committee.
At all meetings of the Committee, or of the Club, the Captain, or in their absence the Vice-Captain, shall preside, and failing both of them, the meeting shall elect a Chairperson. The Chairperson shall have a casting vote as well as a deliberative vote. Ten members, in the case of a General Meeting of the Club, and three members in the case of a meeting of Committee shall form a quorum except in the case in dealing with applications for membership, in which case the quorum of Committee will be five members.

36. The Secretary shall keep full and correct minutes of the proceedings of the Club and of the Committee and of the Sub-Committees, and shall conduct the correspondence with the members and others, and issue all notices to members and the Committee, and otherwise act as the Club, its Committee or Sub-Committees may direct.

37 The Treasurer shall receive and disburse all monies due to and by the Club, and he/she shall keep correct accounts and books showing the financial affairs and intromissions of the Club or its Committee.

38. All monies received by the Treasurer shall be lodged in the name of the Club in a Bank or Banks, or Building Society or Societies, to be fixed by the Committee, and any monies placed on Deposit Receipt shall be so placed in the name of the Club. All cheques or other orders shall be signed and Deposit Receipts be endorsed by the Captain, whom failing, the Vice-Captain or a member of Committee, in addition to the Treasurer.

39. The Annual General Meeting shall be held in the Clubhouse or other convenient place in the first fortnight in February in each year, and shall be convened by the Secretary, by circular issued to each member, not later than seven days prior to the date thereof.

40. Prior to the Annual General Meeting, the Treasurer shall submit to the Committee a statement of the Club’s Accounts and Balance Sheet, together with the report of the Auditors thereon, and a copy thereof shall be annexed to, or enclosed with, the circular calling the Annual General Meeting.
41. At the Annual General Meeting the Annual Financial Statement and Balance Sheet shall be submitted.

42. At the Annual General Meeting the Club may elect a Patron or Patrons and Patroness or Patronesses. The Club shall then elect a President and Vice-President for the ensuing year; any or all of whom may be re-elected.

43. The Committee may convene a Special Meeting of the Members when and as often as they deem it necessary to do so. The Committee shall be bound to convene a Special Meeting of the members within fourteen days after receipt of a requisition to that effect, signed by not less than 40 members, stating therein the matter or business to be considered. Failing this requisition being complied with by the Committee, the requisitionists may themselves convene the meeting by circular issued
to the members at least seven days prior to the date of the meeting.
44. Intimation of at least seven days’ notice shall be given by circular issued to each member of all Special Meetings stating in each case the business to be brought before the meeting.
Decisions taken at a Special Meeting called under Clause 43 or 44 may be amended or rescinded only at a Special Meeting taking place no less than 6 months later or at an Annual General Meeting whichever is the earlier.

45. The title of the lands, buildings and other property belonging to the Club shall be
vested in the President, Vice-President, Captain, Vice-Captain, Secretary and Treasurer, and their successors in office, as Trustees for and on behalf of the Club. Said officials shall, subject to the directions of the Club, or the Committee, be empowered to grant all obligations on behalf of the Club and its members in relation to the Club, its property, servants and others.
46(a). All surplus income or profits are to be reinvested in the Club. No surpluses or assets will be distributed to members or third parties.
46(b). Upon dissolution of the club, any remaining assets shall be given or transferred to another registered CASC, a registered charity or the sport's governing body for use by them in related community sports.
47. Neither the Club nor its Committee shall be responsible for any property belonging to a member of any class or left in any box or other place in the Clubhouse or on the Course, it being a condition that no risk or responsibility is undertaken by the Club or the Committee to such member or any visitor introduced in respect of any such property.

48. The Committee may borrow money on behalf of the Club, and may vary such loans, or obtain new or additional loans, but the Committee shall not exercise the above power in respect of sums in total exceeding £80,000 in any one year without first obtaining the authority so to do from a General Meeting of the members after due notice to them.
49. For repayment of any loans the Club and, the members shall be bound. All bonds and other such writings granted, or to be granted, in exercise of this Rule shall be signed by a quorum of the Committee.

50. The Club shall have power, in General Meeting assembled and specially called for the purpose, to assess equally the members with the exception of members under Rule 20(a) and Rule 20(b) and Honorary Members, for such sum as maybe necessary for liquidating all or any of the obligations of the Club. Any member failing in payment of his share of assessment after the date of intimation of the demand for payment of same shall cease to be a member and his name shall forthwith be deleted from the membership roll. Such person whose name is so removed shall still remain liable for his subscription for the year, and may be reinstated by the Committee on cause shown and on payment of the arrears. Arrears of subscription shall be considered a debt due.

51. A member may introduce to the privileges of the course not more than three visitors for one day and not more than six days in the year. Such sum as may be fixed by the Committee shall be payable and the name and address of the visitor/visitors on each occasion shall be entered in the visitor book. Such member shall not introduce the same visitor oftener than on five days in all during the year, and not more often than one day in any one month. The same visitor shall not be introduced on more than five days during the year, whether introduced by one or more members.
The above rule may be relaxed by the Committee in the case of visitors from a distance of not less than 20 miles from the clubhouse. Any member may personally take a friend or friends into the clubhouse at any time, but such friend or friends are on no account eligible to play on the course except under the rules as above stated. The names and addresses of such friend or friends must be entered in the Visitor’s Book as non-playing visitors. The Committee shall have full power to modify or suspend this Rule so as to restrict and prevent visitors being introduced into the Clubhouse and playing over the course or availing themselves of either of these privileges on Saturday or other times if in the Committee’s opinion the introduction of visitors is causing inconvenience.
51a. Notice of the exercise of the power referred to in the last Rule shall be posted on the walls of the Clubhouse and shall be held to be due intimation to all concerned. A member shall not introduce into the Clubhouse or on the Course any person whose application for membership has been rejected. The Committee shall have the power to refuse permission to members to introduce to the Course or Clubhouse any person who they have reason to believe is undesirable in the interests of the Club.

51b. Organised parties of non-introduced visitors, making proper application and gaining Committee approval, may be allowed the use of the course on Sundays. Restricted tee-off times will normally apply, but those can be varied at the discretion of the Committee. Notice of and dates and tee-off times allocated to all visiting parties shall be posted on the walls of the Clubhouse, if possible, at least two weeks beforehand.

52. No member or Committee and no manager or servant employed by the Club shall have, directly or indirectly, any personal interest in the sale of exciseable liquors in the Club premises or in the profits arising from same.
53. No visitor shall be supplied with exciseable liquor on the Club premises unless as a guest and by and in the company of a member and such member shall on the admission of the visitor to the Club premises or immediately on being supplied with such liquor enter his/her own name and the name and address of the visitor and the date in a book which shall be kept for the purpose.
54. No exciseable liquor shall be sold or supplied by the Club for consumption outside the premises of the Club, except to a member on the premises and for his own consumption, or to a person holding an excise license for the sale of such liquor.
55. No exciseable liquor shall be supplied by the Club except during the hours as may be fixed by the Committee.
56. The permitted hours shall be those authorised by the Licensing (Scotland) Act 2009, subject always to any orders of the appropriate Licensing Board in force from time to time and subject to such limitation as may be determined by the Committee.
57. No exciseable liquor shall be sold or supplied by the Club to a temporary member unless in compliance with Rule 53.
58. No exciseable liquor shall be supplied in the Clubhouse to any person under 18 years of age.
59. The rules of the Green shall, so far is possible , be the Rules of the Game of Golf as these may from time to time be adopted, or added to, or altered by the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews, together with such local Rules, if any, as shall from be prescribed by the Committee of the Club.

60. Every person becoming or remaining a member hereby, and every visitor entering the Course or Clubhouse submits to the Constitution, Rules and Regulations and Bye Laws in all respects and only on these terms is he/she entitled to rights and privileges of the Club. A copy of the Constitution, Rules and Regulations and Bye Laws, any alterations on or additions to the same shall be furnished to each member, including one to each new member, in terms of Rule 10 , but no member will be entitled to plead that they are not binding on him on the ground that he may not have received a copy of the same.

61. A copy of the Constitution, Rules and Regulations and Bye Laws of the Club as also of an Alphabetical list of members shall be exhibited in the Clubhouse.

62. All complaints or suggestions must be made in writing to the Secretary, or entered in the suggestion book provided in the Clubhouse, and signed by the person complaining or suggesting, and such complaints or suggestions shall be submitted to and dealt with by the Committee at their first meeting and its decision shall be final and binding on all concerned.

63. An alteration of or addition to the foregoing Rules may be made only at the Annual General Meeting or any adjournment thereof, or at any Special Meeting, and the notice calling such meeting shall state the terms of the proposed alterations or additions. Any member proposing an alteration or addition to be submitted to the Annual General Meeting shall notify the Secretary IN WRITING with the terms thereof not later than the 1st January, and such proposed alteration or addition shall be intimated in the circular calling such meeting. Any alteration or addition proposed to be submitted to a Special Meeting shall be notified IN WRITING to the Secretary and be intimated by circular issued by Secretary to the members, in the manner provided by Rule 44. Any alterations or additions made at the Annual General Meeting shall be operative from the date of said meeting. No general revision of the Constitution, Rules and Regulations shall be competent for consideration of the members except at an Annual General Meeting or Special Meeting or at an adjournment of any such meeting. What is a general revision as aforesaid shall be determined by the Chairperson of the meeting at which the proposal is submitted or intimated.

64. Local Rules and Bye-Laws made from time to time by the Committee shall become and remain binding on members of all classes until altered by the Committee or the Club. A copy of all new Rules, Regulations and Bye-Laws shall forthwith be posted on the notice board in the Clubhouse and the same shall thereby be held to be duly intimated to all concerned, and shall become operative 7 days after such posting.


1. Any player or caddie entering property outwith the bounds of the golf course for
any purpose, does so at his or her own risk.
2. No player or caddie shall touch or interfere with the game, hares or rabbits, upon the Course. Members are requested to do all in their power to prevent all unauthorised persons from entering upon the Course, and to report to the Committee or member thereof, any infringement of this Bye-Law.
3. No dogs shall be taken into the Clubhouse nor be allowed on the Course, except such as are or may be required by the Club.

4. The Club fixtures for the year shall be arranged by the Committee after the Annual General Meeting, and notice of the fixture arrangements shall be given to each member by supplying them with a fixture card. The Committee may arrange additiona fixtures in the course of the year.
5. The Committee shall determine how competitions shall be regulated. All disputes regarding the regulation of competitions shall be determined by the Committee.
6. Competitors failing to comply with the Regulations of the Committee may be disqualified from further participation in the competition .
7. Players in Club competitions shall be entitled to priority of starting over private matches.
8. Every player is required to replace or see replaced turf cut or removed by them
during play.
9. In all competitions, the holes must be played in consecutive order under penalty of disqualification unless otherwise provided by the Committee.
10. Players in three or four ball games must allow players playing two ball games to pass them on request.
11. Closure of the course may be carried out by the Greens Convener or the Secretary in consultation with the Greenkeeper.

12. The charge for each locker in the Clubhouse shall be such sum per annum as fixed by the committee, payable along with the annual subscription. The right to vacant lockers shall be determined by priority of application or other method approved by the committee.
13. The Clubhouse shall be opened and closed at such hour or hours as the Committee may determine.
14. The Committee shall also regulate the hours during which refreshments may be supplied in the Clubhouse, but subject always to the provisions of the Licensing Act.
15. Regulations for the supply of refreshment, as also the tariff, shall be exhibited on the walls or notice board.
16. Members shall defray whatever expenses they incur before leaving the Clubhouse.
17. No member or other person shall interfere with, injure, deface, or destroy any newspaper, periodical, picture or other article belonging to the Club in the Clubhouse or Club premises.
18. No notice or document of any kind shall be placed on the notice board except by authority of the Committee, the Captain or the Secretary.
19. It is forbidden for players to practice pitching to greens or practice play on fairways.

20. Any alteration of or addition to the forgoing Bye-Laws may be made by the Club at any General Meeting duly convened after notice of the terms of such alteration or addition in similar terms to Rule 64.
21. Any alteration of or addition to these Bye-Laws may be made by the Committee after seven days intimation of same to the members on the notice board, and the same shall remain binding on all concerned until the first General meeting of the Club held thereafter at which such alteration or addition shall be submitted for the decision of the member

AGC Constitution